But Watch out ... for they will leave footprints on your heart  !!!

      Welcome to Happy Holler's Nursery...

These little darlings have graduated up to pet beds. They first start out in nursing pens with mom. Then

they move up to nursing boxes, of coarse also still with mom. At 4 -5  weeks the boxes are removed and

they share the whole pen and runs still with mom. This is when they graduate up to pet beds . Even at

4 - 5 weeks they quickly learn how to go in and out the doggie doors. By 6 - weeks they are running in and

out lickety split....  Then by 7- weeks they think they are as big as the adults ! Even the tiniest T-Cup is going

in and out the pet doors. Schnauzers are highly intelligent they learn very quickly.  With a little time, love,

and patience, there is nothing that they can't learn and accomplish.


     This is the laundry room in our Kennel. It

is absolutely  wonderful to have a washer and dryer in our kennel for all those pads, pillows, blankets, bedding and of course toys, toys, and more toys !

     This is the adult kennel. The adult kennel also has refrigerated air conditioning. Which is thermostatically controlled as well, and thermostatically controlled heating in the winter time. We try to make it as close as we can to a house hold environment. The adults can also lounge around inside on there bed or go outside in their large runs anytime they want . We have recently updated all our kennels with new KURANDA BEDS . They are Orthopedic, Chew Proof, and Easy to Clean.  All the dogs love them ! I highly recommened them ! Their pens as you see are all open so they can see one and another . I feel this is better for the dogs so they can socialize with one another . They like to see who's barking at who, I guess you would say . They are also let out on scheduled routine basis on large grassy areas with each other. They all need to socialize with each other and  just be a dog !

          Schnauzers are highly intelligent, and devoted to home and family. They have great temperaments, and are fast learners. They are spirited, athletic, lowel and are very affectionate. Schnauzers, adapts easily to any environment, from living in an apartment, or living on a farm .The schnauzers breed are one of the top choices for people, because not only do they make a wonderful and loving pet, but are very alert and  make great guard dogs as well. They do not shed and are hypoallergenic, so they make great pets for people with allergies! They are and AMAZING BREED and I can not imagine my life without one !!!

Schnauzer Extraordinaire


           Hi! My name is Carolyn, my husband Danny and I have raised schnauzers for over 30 years. We are located in the country in a small rural area of Sweetwater Oklahoma.  Where we raise cattle, farm, and of course raise schnauzers! We strive to produce high quality, happy, healthy, and well socialized puppies .Once you've owned a schnauzer that's it !     YOUR HOOKED !!!    Each one has his other own special and unique personality, there are no two alike ! They will bring you many hours of joy and laughter. They are loyal, loving, and eager to please. They will be your loving companion and your best friend for life ! BUT... WATCH OUT  !!!      FOR THEY WILL LEAVE FOOTPRINTS ON YOUR HEART ........ !


​​Happy Holler Schnauzers

     As the story goes... Our land has a hollow that runs down through it. Some of the old timers has told us that Happy Hollow ( or Happy Holler as some called it ) used to be the " old camp meeting place ". I had no
idea what this meant, and I'm sure you don't either. Folks said back in the early 1900's, that people would
have community gatherings there. It was a place where they would gather, visit, and have church services
and sing happy songs of praises to the lord. The hollow would actually act like and amplifier and amplify
the sound of the singing. They would sing and be Happy!

 After services, all the family's would pitch in and bring out whatever food they had to share. They would sit and visit, tell stories, enjoy one another, and have a picnic under the cool shade trees. I feel so privilege

to have such a wonderful place on our land! And I'm very thankful to the people that told us this wonderful story, so we may also pass it down! So ... The name Happy Holler or Hollow was born because it was a place of HAPPINESS! As you will notice we chose to use holler for our site. All dogs like to give a holler when they are happy thus ...  " Happy Holler "



​​​Y.A.K.  KENNEL ....

​Love is a four legged word ...



     After the Nursery, then they graduate up to the Y.A.K. KENNEL. (  young adolescent kennel ).  Where they have their own pen to share with a ( playmate ) or buddy. The kennels all have refrigerated air conditioning that are thermostatically controlled. It is set according to temperatures where they comfortable 24-7. They all have fans or ceiling fans to also help circulate air in the summer. In the winter time they all have electric heaters also thermostatically controlled. One on each end of the kennels to keep them as comfortable as possible. In each pen they have their own personal bed, self feeder, fresh water and of course toys ! The more toys the better! Lol !  They got to have their play toys! All pens have large runs to allow for plenty of exercise. But when it's hot they can come inside to a nice cool environment and lounge around on their beds or go out anytime they want . They are also let out on schedule routine basis in large grassy area's and the back yard to run, romp, and play with one another for hours. They enjoy this tremendously! All dogs need to socialize with people and play with one another, to grow up and make a happy healthy well adjusted dog. That's what we strive to do here at Happy Holler...!